Seraphine Serpent-mane


Gender: female
Race: goblin
Alignment: Neutral evil
Class: fighter/cleric

Lvl: 2/2
XP: 4585
Fighter: 2292
priest: 2292
Fighter: 4000
Priest: 3000
Height: 2’ 6
Weight: 3’ 5
Age: 21
HP: 26

Racial abilities


Hit/Dam adjustments & notes:
Atks/Rd: 1


Str: 16
Dex: 10
Con: 16
Int: 7
Wis: 16
Chr: 5
Com: 9

Languages: Goblinoid, Common

Weapon profs: 4

Skills/ Nonwpn Proficiencies: 4

Saving Throws
PPDM: 10
RSW: 14
PP: 13
BW: 16
SP: 15



+1 field plate
(n addition to being +1…it also gives you the ability to instill doubt into a person you are bartering with)

+1 bastard sword (human sized)

you have special magical gauntlets!!
they let you use weapons one size larger 1 handed then you normally could1
designed for use with the bastard sword.

wand of healing*
(so basically, if you dont do anything fun RP wise, it can cast cure light wounds, once a day)

Weapons/Location on person:


Magic Items



goblins dont have infravision, they have a sort of dark vision. You can see various shades of grey in the dark. But takes awhile to adjust
going from bright light to dark and back would fuck your head up

so …goblins have an easier time telling when someone is lying to them
they also have an easier time lying to people
goblins are particularly adept at estimating the value of magical goods, specially those of goblin origin
They tend to favor neutral or evil alignments, but rarely chaotic
they like to use rules and regs to their advantage

the great book of storvonk exists in over 200 different versions, each a little different
“storvonk the ghastly”

Seraphine Serpent-mane

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